Celeris Aerospace originally developed a variety of computer codes to address different problems using staff with expertise in languages such as FORTRAN, Borland Delphi, C and C++, Visual Basic, Gupta SQL Windows. These codes were typically integrated with robust databases such as Microsoft SQL Server and ORACLE.  Latterly, Celeris has migrated to developing robust integrated solutions for clients using a variety of Commercial-of-the-Shelf (COTS) Engineering and Life-Cycle Management software packages which are integrated through the judicious use of custom code developed in Microsoft’s Visual Studio.Net environment

Celeris’ approach exploits the proven capabilities of well-established COTS applications with robust industry standard databases such as SQL Server and ORACLE and combines them with leading edge Internet and communication technologies.  This results in the rapid development of cost-effective and sustainable solutions to challenging scientific, engineering and data-management problems.

The strategy of developing software around well-established, robust COTS products:

  • reduces product development risk;
  • avoids clients having to “re-invent the wheel”;
  • facilitates the development of complex systems in a modular fashion as time and resources permit;
  • allows clients to leverage their previous software investments and/or support legacy software; and
  • facilitates integration with other corporate technical and management systems.

Contact us to discuss how Celeris’ strategy can address your technical product development needs in a timely, cost-effective and low-risk manner.