Celeris Aerospace Canada Inc. is located in Ottawa, Canada and was formed in June 1992 by the two founding members and current directors, Mr. Stephen Hall and Mr. John Miner. The focus of Celeris Aerospace is the integration of specialized engineering and scientific expertise combined with skills in technical software development to develop solutions for niche technical markets such as Structural Health Monitoring.  Since its inception, Celeris Aerospace has applied its integrated capabilities to solve a number of technical problems with particular emphasis being given to problems which involve the acquisition, validation, analysis and management of large quantities of technical data.

Early in its development, Celeris Aerospace sought to diversify its capabilities by expanding into software product development for scientific/technical niche markets. Past products developed by Celeris Aerospace include the F/A-18 Squadron Level Software (SLS) for tracking Fatigue Life Expended (FLE), the Cockpit Voice Recorder Explosive Analysis (CVREA) software for the analysis of the nature and cause of aircraft in-flight structural break-up and the Aircraft Data Acquisition, Processing and Tracking (ADAPT) system for the acquisition, validation and management of Structural Health Management (SHM) data from geographically dispersed fleets of aircraft.

In recent years, Celeris Aerospace has further leveraged its extensive engineering and software development expertise to fulfill the role of system integrator.  In this regard, it has contributed Technical Project Management, consulting, and Independent Validation and Verification services to fixed and rotary wing projects sponsored by the Canadian Forces (CF), the National Research Council of Canada (NRCC), Sandia National Laboratories, the US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), NASA, the United States Coast Guard (USCG) and a number of special mission (e.g.: aerial firefighting, geophysical) aircraft owners and operators.